"Four years ago, we bought an old church and turned it into an art center. We had art exhibitions, movies, lectures and concerts. People loved the space, but the acoustics were challenging. When it filled with people, it was difficult to have a conversation, some movies were impossible to understand and music was only enjoyable if it was a solo instrument or small acoustic group. I knew that we needed to do something, but the thought of installing sound panels into a 2,000 ft space with a 17' ceiling was daunting and I imagined way too expensive. Fortunately, I "heard" about Adel and tuneyourroom.co.  Adel told me about his design process, philosophy on sound and how we could solve the sound issue at a reasonable cost. After taking sound measurements of the space and creating a model that showed exactly where the various frequencies were out of balance, Adel designed a simple solution that optimized the size and locations of the necessary devices. Not only that, he designed with material you can buy at home depot instead of buying expensive "acoustic panels".
We are so happy with the results. Everyone comments on the vast improvement. You can talk without effort in large crowds, hear everything in the movie sound tracks and we have even had an 11 piece rock band. I forgot to mention, Adel also advised on the best type of PA system to install and I was able to find the exact model on ebay, so now bands can just plug into our PA and not have to bring as much gear.  I thought the sound issues were something i was going to have to live with and could never afford to change, but Adel has improved the space 1,000%"

Malcome McDougall, Director, Keene Arts

Purpl, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY


Adel’s acoustical design for Purpl turned an echo-ey empty space into a special sanctuary for music and conversation. Regardless of what type of event is happening in our space, from a group meeting for inspiration or teamwork, to a memorial service, to an evening or song or a wild dance party, the voices and melodies always soar and the space remains pleasant and engaging for whatever task is at hand. Moreover, his designs were both affordable and beautiful, so the place doesn’t only sound great, it looks great, too.

Sarah Silbert, Director, Purpl

Keen Arts, Keen Valey, NY